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What’s in Ueli Steck’s Pack?

“The full Brouillard Ridge” starts in Val Veny on the Italian side of the Mont-Blanc Range. This striking route, 7 kilometers long and rising 3500 meters from the valley floor, leads to the summit of Mont Blanc without ever deviating from the ridgeline. Here Ueli Steck details the gear that he puts in his pack to complete a truly amazing route that usually requires a bivy or two high up on the ridgeline…

February 29 2016


Ueli Steck - son sac pour "l'intégrale du Brouillard" mont Blanc

  1. A 20 liter Mountain Hardwear backpack: a no brainer :)
  2. 20 meters of 5.5mm Dyneema rope: Dyneema is more static for rappels. Regular 5mm accessory cord is too scary!
  3. A Sitta harness because carrying too much weight is not good for your health!
  4. A TIKKA PLUS headlamp: leaving early in the morning means starting in the dark… In this case it’s nice to have a headlamp. I always carry a headlamp anyway since you never know… If you finish late at night, you can continue moving and don’t need to bivy.
  5. Two ANGE S carabiners: one for a friction hitch (using accessory cord), and the other as a backup!
  6. Two SUM'TEC ice axes: one for each hand!
  7. One pair of IRVIS HYBRID crampons
  8. One pair of Scarpa Rebel Ultra boots: ultra-light for steep ice.
  9. One pair of running shoes. Why carry two pair of shoes? With running shoes you’re much faster. I go just about everywhere with these shoes. However, when climbing or on steep ice, I need a pair of mountain boots.
  10. One pair of gloves: in the summer one pair is enough! Two pairs weigh too much!
  11. One lightweight Ghost Whisperer down jacket from Mountain Hardwear to stay warm.
  12. One liter of water split between two 500 ml Salomon Soft Flasks.
  13. Three PowerBar energy bars.
  14. One pair of glacier glasses.
  15. One thin headband for my ears.
  16. One SUUNTO watch: it’s always nice to know the time ;)


And of course technical clothing such as pants, a fleece,…

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