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Primary uses of the ZIGZAG


  • Carefully read the Instructions for Use used in this technical advice before consulting the advice itself. You must have already read and understood the information in the Instructions for Use to be able to understand this supplementary information.
  • Mastering these techniques requires specific training. Work with a professional to confirm your ability to perform these techniques safely and independently before attempting them unsupervised.
  • We provide examples of techniques related to your activity. There may be others that we do not describe here.

Note: in this document the name ZIGZAG means either the ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS models.

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Doubled rope progression device

The ZIGZAG is essentially designed for movement within the tree during the work phase: movement on branches, ascents and descents.

Progression on doubled rope 1/5
Progression on doubled rope 2/5
Progression on doubled rope 3/5
Progression on doubled rope 4/5
Progression on doubled rope 5/5
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Single rope progression device

The ZIGZAG may be used on single rope only when combined with the CHICANE auxiliary brake.

Progression on single rope 1/4
Progression on single rope 2/4
Progression on single rope 3/4
Progression on single rope 4/4

Securing oneself at the workstation

When cutting, the ZIGZAG can be used to secure and stabilize the arborist, without changing the setup that is used for movement within the tree. A second independent system must be used.

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Securing oneself at the workstation, DdRT.
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Securing oneself at the workstation, SRT.

Emergency evacuation system

Installed on a rope of sufficient length, the ZIGZAG can function as an emergency evacuation system, e.g. during access phases or when dismantling on the trunk.