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Community News VIDEO - CAF RocTrip Tarn - Daily reports

VIDEO - CAF RocTrip Tarn - Daily reports

About 300 climbers from France and several other countries have met in the Gorges du Tarn for a RocTrip. The well renowned climbing area recently benefitted from a global rebolting plan to renew and secure all the climbing anchors.

June 23 2013

Rock climbing


RocTrip Tarn © PETZL/Lafouche

Of course In the process some new lines have also been set up. This RocTrip celebrates the reopening of the area, the new guide book and the necessary partnership between local authorities, land owners, environmental activists, and the climbing community. Although the site of Gorges du Tarn is climbable all year long by playing from sunny to shady walls, at this time of year,  surprising crisp weather conditions are offering great friction. The climbers are able to spend way more time on the rock, than dipping in the river to cool off. In the evening everybody gathers in the sport center of St Rome De Dolan, a beautiful stone wall village overlooking the gorges.
Featuring the Petzl team (Mayan Smith-Gobat, Said Belhaj, Philippe Ribière, Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Dani Andrada, Nina Caprez, Mike Fuselier, Mélissa LeNevé, Florence Pinet, Klemen Becan, Yann Ghesquier and the 12 years old prodigy Mirko Caba).

# Day 4 - Dave Graham & Chris Sharma



# Day 3 - Said Belhaj, Daniel Dulac & the slackliners



# Day 2 - Chris Sharma, Dani Andrada, Philippe Ribière & Mayan Smith-Gobat



# Day 1 - Mirko Caballero, Mike Fuselier, Nina Caprez, Melissa LeNevé & Florence Pinet




# Photo gallery - Sport climbing in Gorges du Tarn


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