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Tech tips for the new ZIGZAG and CHICANE

2019 marks a great year for tree care professionals, with Petzl launching new versions of several products. From SEQUOIA harnesses to ZIGZAG descenders and accessories, we have designed our range of gear to make moving around and working in trees as easy as ever. Whether using single (SRT) or doubled (DdRT) rope technique when tree climbing, Petzl solutions are synonymous with efficiency. Through the following tech tips we provide a thorough overview of what’s new.

April 12 2019

Tree care

Primary uses for the ZIGZAG

This tech tip summarizes the primary uses for the ZIGZAG when working and climbing around in trees. 

Working and climbing in trees using DdRT and SRT with the ZIGZAG

Compare the differences, advantages, and shortcomings of doubled (DdRT) or single (SRT) rope technique, the two primary rope setups when using the ZIGZAG.

Installing the ZIGZAG when using SRT for tree climbing

Review step-by-step details on rope setup and tree climbing when using single rope technique (SRT) with the ZIGZAG and CHICANE.

Attaching a second belay system to the ZIGZAG

The latest ZIGZAG devices include an additional attachment point for deploying a second belay system to improve balance when moving around.

Backing up the ASCENTREE with the ZIGZAG for tree access

This tech tip provides a solution for tree access using minimal equipment and without requiring friction hitches to back up the ASCENTREE.

Tandem descent rescue technique using one ZIGZAG for two people

This tech tip explains how to add friction for braking when conducting a rescue.

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