Releasable anchor with the RIG: lowering system pre-installed on the ground. - Petzl USA

Releasable anchor with the RIG: lowering system pre-installed on the ground.

The RIG can be used to anchor a rope; this anchor is thus releasable to allow a rescue from the ground.


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This can provide for a very quick operation, without the need for the rescuer to access the victim, and without using specialized equipment.

The rope is installed on a secure redirect point in-line with the work zone. The RIG is installed on a ground-level anchor, with reserve rope in a bag. The reserve rope must be at least as long as the height of the work zone, with a stopper knot at the end of the rope.

With the 2018 RIG

Verify that the handle can move freely (the AUTO-LOCK system automatically puts it in the stop position).

With the < 2018 RIG

Put the handle in position c (work positioning). For the two device types, complete the installation with a mule knot locked with a connector.

The user can climb using the installed rope, either with rope ascent systems (RIG, I’D, BASIC, CROLL...), or with a fall arrest system (ASAP). In case of an incident, the person on the ground can lower the climber very quickly.


Note: this technique does not correspond to any particular certification. The anchor strength depends on the strength of the high redirect point, on the strength of the ground anchor and on the slippage value of the rope in the RIG (see test results in the related chapter).

Releasable anchor with the RIG 1/3.
Releasable anchor with the RIG 2/3.
Releasable anchor with the RIG 3/3.