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Where There's A Will, There's A Way

December 4 2023

Ice climbing

"The Gatherer", featuring Maureen Beck, is a celebration of her desire to construct a world where, “there will be no such thing as accessibility anymore because everyone feels welcome in every space.”

The limitations that we set for ourselves often fall short of our true potential. How do we transcend limitations? How do we take these perceived ‘weaknesses’ and use them to achieve the things we want most in this world? 

Ask Maureen Beck. A lifelong climber born without a lower left arm, she’s learned how to climb differently. Of all climbing disciplines, Mo fell in love with ice climbing because, “…it’s adaptive for everybody.” She now leads adaptive ice climbing clinics, teaching other folks to push past what they previously thought possible.

What's In Maureen's Pack?


For full-day ice sessions, Maureen makes sure she has everything she needs to set herself up for success: