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SPIRIT: Climbing’s Most Iconic Carabiner Turns 30 Years Old

For decades, the Petzl SPIRIT has remained the gold standard for climbing performance. As one of the first models to feature the Keylock system, SPIRITs won't snag on gear when clipping or unclipping. With multiple iterations over the years, it has arrived at the perfect balance between low weight and durability. This year, the new design is as innovative as it is unique. Introducing the next generation of the iconic SPIRIT.

April 18 2023

Rock climbing

Expertise built on years of experience

At Petzl, our teams seek to learn more, think creatively, and invest deeply. To enable safer progression for our users, we continuously innovate solutions so that our products get better with every iteration. Whether you're climbing or belaying, carabiners are essential. That's why intentional design and proper use are important. Here are the technical features that set the SPIRIT apart, making it the go-to carabiner for climbers, 30 years and counting.

Lightweight and versatile 

Lightweight and versatile, the H-frame construction provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio. The straight and bent gate versions are optimized for smoother clipping. The bent gate design allows you to stabilize the rope, for a smooth clip in the blink of an eye. 


Straight gate: provides better grip to more easily clip and unclip bolts.

Bent gate: allows you to more efficiently clip the rope.

Easy to use  

Grooves on the straight gate provide better grip. The Keylock system makes clipping and unclipping easier, you won’t snag the carabiner nose on the bolt hanger. 

Keylock system: designed to avoid involuntary snagging on gear loops, bolt hangers, and the rope.

Durable and reliable

The carabiner gate offers superior reliability. Both versions feature a large basket that provides greater surface area for clipping ropes or bolts. This extends the carabiner's lifespan by reducing wear and tear.


The next level of performance

With more advanced technical features, the new SPIRIT won’t disappoint. Now lighter and more compact, with an excellent weight-to-performance ratio, (1)  they’re the ideal choice for variable terrain on single-pitch, multi-pitch, or alpine climbs. Every carabiner has three holes; a unique, innovative design feature that nods to maximum weight optimization. 
Available in either straight (2) or bent gate (3), the shape of the nose was redesigned (4) with a wider curve, so it doesn’t get stuck on the bolt hanger when unclipping. The flat surface on the gate has also been updated to make clipping more ergonomic (5). The bent-gate version is now available in six different colors (6) and will remain an integral component of the SPIRIT EXPRESS quickdraw, available in three lengths (7).

Lower weight, wide range of color options, and multiple quickdraw lengths — the new SPIRIT is a culmination of numerous innovative details. And it remains the gold standard for sport climbing and working routes.


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