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Enhanced Protection Now Comes Standard in All Petzl Sport Helmets

With the launch of the BOREA women’s climbing helmet, Petzl’s entire line of recreational helmets now features TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION.

January 14 2020

Rock climbing

Expanding on the success of the popular BOREO helmet, Petzl is releasing the BOREA, a one-size helmet with a ponytail notch in both the shell and headband. The BOREA replaces Petzl’s previous women’s helmet, the ELIA, and offers several improvements, including Petzl’s proprietary TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label, which guarantees a certain level of protection from impacts to the side, rear, and front of the helmet — a level of protection that is not guaranteed by the EN/UIAA standard.


The BOREA is sized for head circumferences between 20.5 and 22.8 inches, matching the size range of the discontinued ELIA. To accommodate those who wear long hair in a ponytail, the BOREA has a curved notch in the back of the shell as well as the patented OMEGA headband, so named because the notch in the back of the band resembles the Greek letter omega (Ω). Together, these notches allow a ponytail to sit higher on the back of the head, increasing airflow around the neck and making it easy to take the helmet on and off. 


While most climbing helmets are only certified to the EN/UIAA standard, protecting against impacts to the top and upper sides of the head, the BOREA extends that same level of protection to the lower sides of the head, as well as the front and back. To mitigate the risk of injury from impacts to these areas (which could occur as a result of falling rock or ice while the user has her head tilted, an inverted climbing fall, or a bump while caving in tight spaces) the BOREA’s outer shell and energy-absorbing foam liner both extend lower down on the head. Together, the EN/UIAA standards and Petzl’s TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION requirements provide adequate protection throughout the entire helmet to limit the risk of head/neck injuries and concussion by keeping impact forces to all areas of the head below 8-10 kN during certification testing. 

With the launch of the BOREA, every Sport helmet Petzl offers is tested and labeled for this enhanced protection, including the hyperlight SIROCCO, dual-certified METEOR, and child-friendly PICCHU. 


Modeled after the design of the BOREO, the BOREA is built with a durable ABS plastic shell to resist impacts and scratches, with a hybrid EPS and EPP liner that fits comfortably and properly absorbs impact forces. A unique feature of the EPS/EPP foam liner is that it covers the entire interior of the helmet and is flexible enough to withstand regular wear and tear without damage.


The most useful helmet is the one you wear, so your helmet should be designed to fit comfortably around your head and hair; and after you find the right fit, the most useful helmet is the one that offers the most protection. Petzl helmets like the BOREA go beyond the standards to protect more of your head.

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