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  • EXO® CUSTOM Replacement Rope

EXO® CUSTOM Replacement Rope

Replacement rope for EXO CUSTOM personal escape system

Petzl Custom can customize a replacement rope for the EXO CUSTOM personal escape system. We offer the choice of rope color and length, up to 150 meters, and the option of installing an anchor connector. The EXO CUSTOM replacement rope can be packaged with a bag, for a ready-to-go solution.

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  • Choice of rope color and length:
    - Static 7.5 mm diameter aramid fiber rope, in beige or black
    - Option to order a rope of a specified length, up to 150 meters (in 5-meter increments between 5 and 50 meters; in 10-meter increments between 50 to 150 meters)
  • Choice of anchor point connectors and attachment:
    - Without connector, and with a large loop for connecting a HOOK anchor hook with a girth hitch
    - Without connector, and with a small loop for connecting an Am’D connector or an EASHOOK OPEN gated connector
    - With HOOK anchor hook
  • Choice of packaging:
    - Without bag, bulk packaging
    - With EXO bag: 15 or 30 meters, depending on rope length
    - With BUCKET 15-liter (black) or BUCKET 30-liter (black), depending on rope length
  • Certifications depend on choice of connector (more information in the Instructions for Use)


References D030YYXX
Customizable product, available on request
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1

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