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Via ferrata kit including a SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard, CORAX harness, and BOREO helmet

The KIT VIA FERRATA EASHOOK contains a complete set of gear specific to via ferrata. The kit includes an ergonomic SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard, a fully adjustable CORAX harness, and a BOREO helmet in size M/L.

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  • Complete kit for via ferrata:
    - SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard for via ferrata
    - CORAX harness (gray, size 1 or size 2)
    - BOREO helmet (white, size M/L)
  • SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard for via ferrata:
    - For users weighing 40 to 120 kg
    - Convenient, with SWIVEL anti-twist system and captive carabiners
    - Rugged and durable
  • Fully adjustable CORAX harness:
    - DOUBLEBACK buckles on waistbelt and leg loops allow the harness to be easily adjusted
    - Comfortable, versatile, and easy to use
  • BOREO helmet:
    - Durable and versatile
    - Design provides greater coverage for enhanced protection against lateral, frontal, and rear impact
    - Entirely adjustable for different head sizes


  • Certification(s): - SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard: CE EN 958: 2017 - CORAX harness: CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA - BOREO helmet: CE EN 12492, UIAA


References K029DA00 K029DA01
Size 1 2
Size 1 CORAX harness and M/L BOREO helmet Size 2 CORAX harness and M/L BOREO helmet
Weight 1235 g 1285 g
Guarantee 3 years 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1 1

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