Short down-climb on ascenders - Petzl Luxembourg

Short down-climb on ascenders

For a short down-climb on a rope, it is not necessarily worthwhile to use a descender. The two ascenders can be moved alternately downward.


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1. Short-step method

Put your weight on the progression ascender, deactivate the chest ascender without opening it and move it down a step.

Put your weight on the chest ascender, deactivate the progression ascender without opening it and move it down to just above the chest ascender.



2. Method for deactivating ascenders

It is important to avoid completely opening the safety catch on your ascenders.

The cam can be deactivated by pressing on its top.

Method for deactivating ascenders


With the new compact ascender models, getting your finger on top is more difficult, especially when wearing gloves. Push the safety catch against the frame, without opening it, to deactivate the cam.
With the new compact ascender models