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What's in Anton Krupicka's pack?

Running like the wind, completely immersed in the wilderness, pushing one’s limits, for all of these reasons and many more Anton Krupicka became a runner. As one of the world’s top ultra trail runners, Anton share’s what he puts in his pack.

July 21 2016

Night running

Anton Krupicka

Most long European races have a list of mandatory gear, so that is a pretty big determining factor in what I carry. Standard gear includes:

  1. Long tights,
  2. An extra BUFF,
  3. A lightweight wind shell with hood,
  4. A breathable long-sleeve t-shirt,
  5. Lightweight gloves,

    All of the above items are for adapting to the typically fast-changing mountain weather, especially at high altitudes.
  6. The Petzl NAO headlamp: my go-to lighting system for running,
  7. A backup NAO battery, fully charged: I've never needed it, but when running all night you want to be sure to have a back-up,
  8. The Petzl e+LITE with an extra battery: at only 27g it's silly to not bring some emergency insurance,
  9. Ultimate Direction half-liter water flasks (2): flasks are easier to fill than hydration bladders, both at aid stations and streams,
  10. Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest: this is the pack I use to carry all of this. It only weighs 5oz, but is big enough to carry all of these essentials for a long mountain race; it never bounces or chafes, so I barely notice it,
  11. GU energy gels: it depends on how far it is between aid stations, but I typically plan for 2-3 gels per hour of racing.

That's pretty much it!!

Anton Krupicka ©PETZL/Lafouche

Anton Krupicka ©PETZL/Lafouche

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