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ALPEN ADAPT: Adapt Your Ice Axes and Crampons to Any Ascent!

Many are those who go into the mountains to take on new challenges and diverse terrain; both of which evolve with the changing seasons, the goals we set, and the opportunities we seize. At Petzl, we make gear with the specific features you need to face those challenges head-on. But we’re going even further, offering all multi-sport mountain athletes a modular, economic solution for their ice axes and crampons: introducing ALPEN ADAPT.

November 16 2021

Ice climbing

For those who use technical Petzl ice axes and crampons, ALPEN ADAPT provides you with a modular system to easily switch out different components and meet your specific needs in the mountains. Easily switch out the pick of your ice axe when you need to move from alpine terrain to ice and mixed climbing. You can also change the accessories to shed weight, or add functionality for different types of terrain. When it comes to crampons, you can change the front sections to better suit glacier travel, technical mountaineering, or ice climbing; change the bindings to suit approach shoes or mountaineering boots; you can even change the rear section for greater durability or lighter weight.


Owning specific ice axes and crampons for every type of terrain is no longer a requirement — all you need are a few essential accessories and you can adapt the gear you already have in your pack to the goal you have in mind. ALPEN ADAPT is a practical and economic solution to adapt your gear for any adventure in the mountains!

Alpen Adapt

Find the ice axes and crampons compatible with ALPEN ADAPT and much more in the product pages of our website!

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