Can I use my VERTEX or STRATO helmet without the chinstrap? - Petzl Denmark

Can I use my VERTEX or STRATO helmet without the chinstrap?


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Helmets from the VERTEX/STRATO range are equipped with a removable chinstrap.

Using these helmets without the chinstrap is only possible at ground level.

Helmets do not fit as securely when worn without a chinstrap.

You risk losing it if you take a fall when working at height, or if you hit a structure. Be sure to perform a risk analysis before using your helmet without a chinstrap.

What about the certification?

If used without the chinstrap, the helmet does not meet the EN 12492 standard.

However, it retains EN 397 certification.

Please note: STRATO VENT helmets are only certified to the EN 12492 standard. Without the chinstrap, it does not meet the standard and therefore loses the CE certification as well. While it maintains a level of protection equivalent to other helmets without chinstraps, Petzl strongly recommends against using the STRATO VENT without a chinstrap because of the loss of the CE certification.