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New VOLT line: fall arrest and work positioning harnesses

These harnesses help provide fall protection for the worker and enable him/her to position him/herself at a workstation, with a GRILLON lanyard, for example. Additionally, they are specifically designed to facilitate vertical progression on a rail or cable (European versions only).

Available March 2020

Fall arrest and work positioning harness

Quick and easy donning

Quick and easy donning

VOLT and VOLT WIND harnesses are very quick to don. The waistbelt and leg loops are equipped with FAST LT PLUS/FAST LT automatic buckles, allowing the harness to be easily donned while keeping both feet on the ground.

Optimal comfort

Optimal comfort

Comfortable work positioning

Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. The lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow.

Ventral attachment point suitable for vertical progression on a rail or cable

Ventral attachment point suitable for vertical progression on a rail or cable

The LADDER CLIMB attachment point allows for ventral attachment of the fall-arrest trolley, which distributes the load on the waistbelt and thus ensures optimal comfort. In the event of a fall, the attachment point automatically moves upward to a sternal position to ensure a vertical post-fall body position (only on European versions).

Easy to use

Easy to use

The harnesses have a stowage system for the MGO connectors on fall arrest lanyards on each shoulder strap. In the event of a fall, the system releases the MGO connectors and allows the absorber to be deployed.

Choosing a harness

For work on towers and antennas



VOLT harnesses have a wide waistbelt with equipment loops on the back for easy organization of work tools.

For work inside wind turbine towers



VOLT WIND harnesses have dorsal wear protectors to reduce wear on the straps when moving about inside a wind turbine tower.