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High performance headlamps

Durable and powerful, they are designed for intensive use in industry, maintenance and inspection.

How to choose?


Performance Headlamps

Durable and powerful, these lamps are designed for intensive use in industry, maintenance, inspection, and rescue.

User needs:

  • Very powerful, intelligent lighting
  • Long burn time
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • Ability to work in teams (except DUO RL)
  • ATEX certification (except DUO RL and DUO S)

Performance Petzl headlamps, table

Helmet compatibility

Using mounting plates (included) or the PRO ADAPT (accessory), DUO headlamps can be worn on a variety of different helmet types.

Plates included with DUO headlamps

Plates included with DUO headlamps*. Allow a headlamp to be mounted on Petzl VERTEX and STRATO helmets

* Except DUO RL



Adhesive accessory for mounting a DUO headlamp on a variety of different helmet types


Once activated, the FACE2FACE function triggers a sensor that detects other DUO headlamps* and automatically dims the lighting if they face each other. The light returns to its original intensity once the other headlamp is no longer in its line of sight.

* Except DUO RL


Guaranteed lighting over time


CONSTANT LIGHTING technology allows lighting to remain stable as the batteries drain. When the batteries are almost drained, the headlamp switches automatically to reserve lighting, with weaker output that prolongs lighting time.

Available on DUO S, DUO Z1, and DUO Z2

Intelligent lighting for greater convenience and performance


REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology allows the brightness to adapt according to the needs of the user. Intelligent lighting optimizes battery life, offering longer burn time.

Available for DUO RL