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10 photos of acrobatics… by Team Petzl

From Chris Sharma to Mélissa Le Nevé, by way of Cédric Lachat or Dave Graham, climbers from Team Petzl defy the laws of gravity and physical prowess. Flexibility, balance, and contortions of all kinds define their style. Here is a Top 10 of their classic acrobatic moves. Which one is your favorite?

May 10 2017

Rock climbing

1. Middle splits and small holds for Chris Sharma 

"Magie Blanche," 8b+ - Mouries, France

© Labreuveux


2. Cédric Lachat on "Hosanna," 8c, contortion skills required

Ramirole area – Verdon Gorge, France

© Fourau


3. When Klemen Bečan thinks he's Batman

Antalya, Turkey

© Lafouche


4. Can you say flexible?

Florence Pinet - Baile Herculane, Romania

© Vallot


5. "My seaside vacation," by Mélissa Le Nevé

Antalya, Turkey

© Lafouche


6. Erwan Le Lann's balanced lifestyle

Ancient Art, Fisher Towers - Moab, Utah, USA

© Lafouche


7. With love

Dave Graham - Cidtibi, Turkey

© Broust


8. Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, opposing forces

"Balroc," 8b – Mordor area - Piedra Parada, Chubut, Argentina

© Sam Bié


9. Do you see the quickdraw?

Klemen Bečan - Zaghouan, Tunisia

© Petit


10. So, Melissa, how does the world look upside down?

Mélissa Le Nevé - Olympos, Greece

© Lafouche


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