Hands-free position with GRIGRI, GRIGRI + and NEOX - Petzl Luxembourg

Hands-free position with GRIGRI, GRIGRI + and NEOX

When you want to have your hands free for a task, for example, untangling the rope while the climber is at a rest, tie a knot in the brake side of the rope.


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GRIGRI, noeud sur la corde côté freinage.
GRIGRI, noeud sur la corde côté freinage.

A knot tied a few decimeters from the device can replace holding the brake side of the rope, because if the cam accidentally unblocks, the knot will jam against the device and stop the rope from slipping. Any closed, stable knot may be used for this purpose (e.g. overhand, figure eight, butterfly).

With this technique, once the knot is jammed against the device, it can be difficult to resume normal operation if the user cannot release the tension in the rope (e.g. climber suspended in free space). To avoid this problem, a tie-off can be used:

GRIGRI, clé de blocage.
GRIGRI, clé de blocage.