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Tree care harnesses

These harnesses are designed for arborists: they ensure great mobility in the tree and optimally distribute the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops. They also provide excellent lumbar support in the many work phases where the arborist has his/her weight on the harness.



The semi-rigid, extra-wide waistbelt ensures excellent support for the user. It is also sculpted and lined with foam padding for improved comfort when suspended.


Gated attachment points.

Gated attachment points

The gated attachment points facilitate connection of a ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyard. They also allow installation of several attachment bridges (adjustable or fixed), as well as accessories like RING attachment rings or SWIVELs, directly on the attachment bridge.

Easy to don.

Easy to don

The leg loops of SEQUOIA harnesses are equipped with FAST/FAST LT automatic buckles that facilitate donning the harness with feet on the ground or with large footwear, without loss of adjustment, even when wearing gloves.


Accessories for the SEQUOIA line of harnesses allow each user to adapt the equipment to his/her needs.

Accessories for the SEQUOIA line of harnesses.

Choosing your tree care harness

For single rope ascent techniques



The SEQUOIA SRT features a ventral attachment point for installing a ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik with the CHICANE and KNEE ASCENT accessories.

For doubled rope ascent techniques



The SEQUOIA harness waistbelt is equipped with a FAST automatic buckle for quick and simple opening and closing, without loss of adjustment, even while wearing gloves.