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Beam quality

Aside from the various beam patterns, it is important to check their uniformity. Whatever the pattern, the beam of a Petzl headlamp is always uniform and therefore comfortable. Moreover, to ensure optimal lighting, the optics of our headlamps are designed with extreme precision and equipped with the highest-quality components.

The quality of the beam is totally dependent on that of the LEDs and of the optics' design. The latter is complex and requires the knowledge of an optical engineer. Petzl chose long ago to integrate these skills into its research and development teams, and also to work closely with external laboratories.

Petzl headlamps:

Uniform beam

Perfectly uniform beam: no dark spots, irregularities or blinding spots to impede visibility and reduce visual comfort.

The beams of other headlamps:

Blinding beam

Presence of a central bright spot: blinding

Beam defect

Presence of visual defects: lack of precision, discomfort, fatigue