About the Petzl Foundation

Research in the Cameroonian canopy © Laurent Pierron
Research in the Cameroonian canopy. A project founded by the Petzl Foundation in 2013, with EnQuête d'Arbres association.

Paul Petzl

Serving our mountain and vertical access communities

"I created the Petzl Foundation to open up our company to the non-profit world and to the communities that have supported us and enabled us to grow. Since 2006, our desire to move forward towards shared goals has motivated us to act positively with the growing number of mountain communities we have met since we set out on this journey."

Paul Petzl, President.

Petzl Foundation


For the last forty years, Petzl has designed vertical access equipment for recreational and professional use, providing technical solutions to help men and women in achieving their goals with maximum performance and freedom. Petzl’s corporate philanthropy has a long history in the United States. In 2005 these efforts were greatly enhanced by the creation of the Petzl Foundation. Paul Petzl, our president and founder, wanted to give back to the communities that have enabled the company to grow and prosper, and also to forge stronger relationships with Petzl employees. The Petzl Foundation supports non-profit organizations through financial and equipment grants, as well as consultation and training.

Training rescuers on Kalymnos © Stéphane Lozach’meur.

Our missions

Whether climbing a distant summit, or exploring the depths below, our desire to access the inaccessible inspires an enduring passion to fulfill our dreams. The mission of the Petzl Foundation is to support or initiate projects which serve the public interest. These projects shall seek a harmonious balance between human activities in the mountains and the vertical world relative to their impact on our natural, cultural and economic environments. 

The Petzl Foundation: