Since 2006, the Petzl Foundation has been serving our mountain and vertical access communities that have enabled the company to grow and prosper worldwide. Our priorities are accident prevention, conservation and scientific research.

The Petzl Foundation around the world

Recent activity

Vignette du projet Recherche scientifique sur l’accidentologie des sports de montagne FRANCE - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON MOUNTAIN SPORTS ACCIDENTS

The Petzl Foundation continues to fund research into mountain sports accidents, with the University of Lyon 1. Maud Vanpoulle, a PhD student (...)

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Vignette du projet Inventorier la faune dans la canopée des forêts guyanaises FRANCE - INVENTORIER LA FAUNE DANS LA CANOPÉE DES FORÊTS GUYANAISES

Les forêts tropicales anciennes sont de plus en plus fragmentées par le développement des infrastructures comme les routes, isolant les populations (...)

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Avalanche risk: preparing for an excursion with the web applications Yeti and Skitourenguru FRANCE - AVALANCHE RISK: PREPARING FOR AN EXCURSION WITH THE WEB APPLICATIONS YETI AND SKITOURENGURU

Choosing a route suited to current snow conditions is key to reducing the risk of being caught in an avalanche (...)

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Vignette du projet Un manuel professionnel de canyonisme FRANCE - A PROFESSIONAL CANYONING MANUAL

In January 2018, the pedagogical engineering team at the CREPS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Center for Sports Science in Vallon Pont d’Arc, France, published a canyoning manual (...)

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Vignette du projet Impact des somnifères sur les alpinistes FRANCE - THE EFFECTS OF SLEEP MEDICATION ON MOUNTAINEERS

A team of researchers from HP2 laboratory, Grenoble Alpes University has studied the impact of sleep medication on the vigilance and motor agility of mountaineers when awoken (...)

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Vignette du projet appel à projets salariés FRANCE - CALL FOR PROJECTS BY PETZL EMPLOYEES

The Petzl Foundation invited the company’s employees to submit a project related to mountains or the vertical world. Each selected project met one or more of the (...)

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Vignette du projet Conférence sur l’avenir des hautes montagnes du mondeFRANCE - The 4th SUSTAINABLE SUMMITS CONFERENCE

This conference is, first and foremost, an opportunity to get together, a desire to work together for our high mountains, one of the last areas on the planet where human presence is merely transient (...)

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