Since 2006, the Petzl Foundation has been serving our mountain and vertical access communities that have enabled the company to grow and prosper worldwide. Our priorities are accident prevention, conservation and scientific research.

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Recent activity

Vignette du projet Accidentologie dans le couloir du Goûter FRANCE - ACCIDENTOLOGY IN THE COULOIR DU GOÛTER

From 1990 to 2017, French mountain police force registers show 347 rescue operations in the Goûter couloir, on the normal route on Mont Blanc, which resulted in 102 deaths (...)

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Vignette du projet Conférence sur l’avenir des hautes montagnes du mondeFRANCE - The 4th SUSTAINABLE SUMMITS CONFERENCE

This conference is, first and foremost, an opportunity to get together, a desire to work together for our high mountains, one of the last areas on the planet where human presence is merely transient (...)

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Vignette du projet Un outil de prévention du danger d’avalanche pour les gardiens de refuge FRANCE - AN AVALANCHE RISK PREVENTION TOOL FOR MOUNTAIN REFUGE WARDENS

Maps indicating which slopes have a gradient of more than 30° were handed out to refuge wardens at their Annual General Meeting (...)

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Vignette du projet À Mieux connaître les blessures chez les cordistes FRANCE - UNDERSTANDING ROPE ACCESS INJURIES

The Petzl Foundation is funding a multidisciplinary research team (University of Lyon 1, France), who asked 500 rope access workers in the Rhône-Alpes region to complete a questionnaire with a view to gaining a better understanding (...)"

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Vignette du projet Écologie verticaleFRANCE - VERTICAL ECOLOGY

The ‘Vertical Ecology’ project, supported by the Écrins National Park and the Alpine Ecology Laboratory, is a botanical study of the origin and evolution of plants in high mountains. (...)

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The adventurer Evrard Wendenbaum set out on a series of scientific expeditions to discover the last unexplored areas on the planet. His project called "Lost Worlds" aims to gain knowledge of the last remaining biological treasures (...)

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Vignette du projet Sauvegarder la mémoire des glaciersFRANCE - PROTECTING ICE MEMORY

Studying glacier ice allows us to anticipate future climate changes. However, with the glaciers retreating at such a fast rate, this scientific resource (...)

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