A dedicated team

Team Petzl Foundation

The Petzl Foundation is an independent, legal entity controlled by a board of trustees. Seven qualified experts and five Petzl employees provide direction for the Foundations strategic choices.


Portrait de Blaise Agresti
Blaise Agresti
Gendarme and mountain guide

"The foundation has helped to deepen my understanding of the mountains, connecting worlds and taking action. With each project, I become more aware of the urgent necessity to act together. We owe it to our children that these mountains remain alive and open to all."

Portrait de Simone Allibert
Simone Allibert
President of Allibert Voyages, she is involved in promoting sustainable tourism.

"Passionate about the mountains, sensitive to the environment and its fragile ecosystems, I am delighted to be part of the Petzl Foundation, which is totally in line with my values."

Portrait de Bernard Amy
Bernard Amy
Researcher, one of the founders of the association Mountain Wilderness France, mountaineer, traveler and writer.

"Why did I agree to join the Petzl Foundation team? First, because it is a great way to defend mountains and mountaineers, and secondly, because it is a bridge between the worlds of industry and mountaineering."

Portrait de Dephine Botti
Dephine Botti
corporate philanthropy consultant, assists private companies and individuals, with their public interest projects.

Portrait de Hervé Bodeau
Hervé Bodeau
Multimedia publications and corporate communications manager within the Petzl group.

"For me, beyond the Petzl company, the contribution from our foundation to projects of public interest around safety and development of vertical access is really meaningful."

Portrait de Eric de Kermel
Eric de Kermel
Managing Director of Bayard Nature et Territoires, and Vice Chairman of the UICN.

"It is a joy and an honor to be part of this Petzl team. There is a sense of commitment to a renewed relationship between man and nature and the mountain universe, which is close to my heart."

Portrait de François Lemarchand
François Lemarchand
Founding chairman of Nature & Découvertes, he is a long-standing supporter of conservation.

"When I created the Nature et Découvertes Foundation, 20 years ago, I wanted all the people who work in the company to share common beliefs and values. Our foundation has become a key source of pride for all our co-workers. I hope the Petzl Foundation will follow the same path!"

Portrait de Rozenn Martinoia
Rozenn Martinoia
Research professor, ex-boxer and mountaineer, Rozenn is a historian of economic thought. She conducts research into the market and profession of mountain guides.

Portrait de Luc Moreau
Luc Moreau
Freelance glaciologist, Doctor of Alpine Geography, researcher and author of several documentaries and films about glaciers.

"I was very honored when I was asked to join the foundation team. Suggesting the study of waterfall ice was logical. Today, this study helps me during my course at ENSA, to provide answers to FAQs from aspiring guides."

Portrait de Marc Séraphin
Marc Séraphin
Trek leader and rope access technician.

"The Foundation is a wonderful facilitator of communication. For instance, it has enabled me to enter the dangerous world of palm tree farming and help those people work more safely."


Chris Blakeley
Chris Blakeley
He manages the development of the worldwide Petzl Solutions network alongside practical experimentation and training within the V.axess building.

"Supporting some of the most inspired projects across the globe is exciting, not only to see the benefits to the ventures themselves but also to the communities involved. The variety and quality of projects presented to the Petzl Foundation continues to impress me - and the commitment of their creators."

Véronique Gueranger
Véronique Gueranger
She has been working at Petzl since 2013 as a test engineer for new products.

Roody Rasmussen
Roody Rasmussen
Petzl Foundation's project director for the Americas. He is very active in the field of corporate philanthropy.

"Working with the Petzl Foundation gives me the opportunity to team with other like-minded organizations to bring forth creative projects that benefit the environment, and improve techniques and enhance safety for the greater climbing community."


Paul PetzlPaul Petzl
He has committed his company to serve all vertical communities. Since 1975, implementing his employees' innovative ideas has guided his choices.


Olivier MoretOlivier Moret
Secretary General since March 2014.

  • Philippe Descamps
    Secretary General from March 2011 to February 2014.
  • Jean-Jacques Eleouet
    Secretary General from 2005 to December 2010.


Stéphane Lozac'hmeurStéphane Lozac'hmeur
Project Manager since October 2007.