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Tropicbird, an emblematic bird of the Reunion Island, is a protected species. A project funded by the Petzl Foundation from 2011 to 2013.

The Petzl Foundation supports projects developed by non-profit organizations which:

  • take place in mountains or in any other vertical environment,
  • are related to outdoor leisure activities such as climbing and mountaineering,
  • are related to the professional work-at-height sector such as tree care, technical rescue and difficult access.

Projects must fall into one of the three mission categories of the Petzl Foundation:

  • accident prevention and risk management training,
  • preservation of the environment,
  • scientific research.

In addition to funding, the Petzl Foundation can give you practical assistance throughout your project.

Please complete the online application form , after checking that your project corresponds to our selection criteria.

The Petzl Foundation does not provide funding for projects which:

  • are submitted by individuals, private companies or other profit-making businesses
  • come from government bodies, except in the field of research
  • are intended to promote or advertise a product or service in order to generate profit
  • are completed on or before submission to the Petzl Foundation.


How to submit your project:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Send your application, by email only, to: Paper applications will not be processed.

Our selection process:

After an initial review, a project shortlist is drawn up and presented to the Petzl Foundation Board, who decide which projects will receive funding. The Board meets on a monthly basis.