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To meet the modern needs of mountain, crag and wilderness enthusiasts, Camptocamp Association has launched the development of a new version of its famous mountain information website. More intuitive, more ergonomic and with new functions, the new is available online December 2016.

DECEMBER 2015 • Updated in December 2016


As both “the Wikipedia and Facebook” of the mountains, provides free information on mountain trails and climbing route conditions, updated by 10,000 contributors. In 18 years, with nearly 400,000 visitors each month, this collaborative website - translated into seven languages - has become the most important platform for sharing mountain information in Europe.

To provide a better service to the mountain community, particularly in areas of technical information and risk management, the Petzl Foundation has decided to support Camptocamp Association to build this new version of its website. In March 2015 the association volunteers initiated the new Collaborating with researchers skilled in sports accidentology, the association has developed a database of mountain accidents, incidents and near-misses that collects the testimonies of mountaineers or climbers in critical situations. The purpose of this database, called SERAC, is to build and to share a collective experience and improve accident prevention. A group of French researchers from the University of Lyon, funded by the Petzl Foundation, is currently analyzing the data provided by SERAC. The result of their research will be published by the end of January 2017.

Furthermore, Camptocamp has enriched its technical documentation with the online publication of 21 technical updates, provided by Petzl. Translated into five languages (French, German, English, Spanish, Italian), these Petzl Technical Documents are based on their famous line drawings, which have illustrated the brand’s catalog since 1975. Petzl's line drawings have enabled thousands of mountaineers and climbers to improve their progression and protection techniques in the vertical environment.

The new version of requires an investment of € 322,000, already two thirds funded by the Petzl Foundation. Camptocamp has launched an appeal for donations to balance the rest of the budget. This crowdfunding campaign collected € 95 000 in two months.

The Petzl Foundation is proud to support the Camptocamp Association. This project falls completely in line with the major principles of the Petzl Foundation – to support the communities of the mountain and vertical world.

Updated in December 2015