A mountain of data

Since 2004, The Himalayan Database association has compiled data on all Himalayan expeditions. The number of mountaineers, the injured and deceased, their nationalities, the peaks and altitudes reached by expeditions, are all carefully recorded in the largest Himalayan mountaineering database.

MAY 2019

Elizabeth Hawley feuilletant sa biographie.

Elizabeth Hawley flipping through her biography. Kathmandu, 2008.

The Himalayan Database wishes to continue Miss Hawley’s work to provide historians, researchers, journalists and mountaineers around the world with reliable and verified data. Today, it relies on four researchers (from France, the U.S., Germany, and Nepal), who meet with each of the expeditions climbing in the Nepali Himalaya.

The support of the Petzl Foundation ensures the continuation of this data collection. The association is always looking for new sponsors to ensure its sustainability.

Uploaded in May 2019


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