Caving rescue training in Indonesia

Southeast Asia has one of the most beautiful karst landscapes on the planet. It has an extensive underground network of rivers and caves, which has been explored by foreign adventurers for a long time. The caves of Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand are now attracting more and more local cavers. However, this new local interest in caving has not been supported by the training of experts capable of carrying out underground rescue work.

MARCH 2020

Des formations au secours spéléo en Indonésie

The explorer and caving rescue specialist Phil Bence, President of the French organization Explos, has a significant network of contacts in Asia, which he had built up during his previous caving explorations there. For several years, he has been setting up rescue training for local club leaders and professional rescuers in the parts of the world where caving is becoming more and more popular.

In October 2019, with a volunteer caving instructor, he supervised rescue training for 17 Indonesian cavers from Yogiakarta on Java. After several days of theoretical training on scaffolding and cliff faces, the session concluded with two days of practical training in the Gunong Sewu Abyss. The Petzl Foundation provided equipment and financial support for the volunteer trainers’ travel expenses.

In 2020, Phil Bence is planning a new training in Myanmar.

Uploaded in March 2020


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