Vertical training for biologists In Colombia

Biologists in Latin America are on the front line of research and conservation in neotropical forests.


Formation verticale pour les biologistes en Colombie

Training opportunities designed for biologists in Latin America to learn canopy access methods are virtually nonexistent, and obtaining equipment can be nearly impossible. Lack of proper equipment and training exposes climbing biologists to unnecessary danger and constitutes a barrier to research and conservation.

In June 2019, a five-day training course was led by tree-climbing experts at the Río Claro Nature Reserve in Colombia to teach twenty local biologists up-to-date tree-climbing practices. The training emphasized safety, equipment selection, and canopy access within tree crowns, access to branch tips, including the open spaces between trees.

The Petzl Foundation donated equipment for use during this and future training courses. Equipment was also donated to some of the biologists for their research purposes.

Uploaded in February 2020


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