Developing the rescue capability of Peruvian firefighters

The Petzl Foundation became associated with the NGO Pompiers Sans Frontières (Firefighters Without Borders) based on a common goal: to help develop the search and rescue capability of Peruvian firefighters.


Training volunteer firefighters of Peru © Pompiers Sans Frontières Training volunteer firefighters of Peru

The Petzl Foundation and the ONG Pompiers Sans Frontières have had a technical and financial sponsorship relationship since 2007.

One of the main areas where the Petzl Foundation and the Pompiers Sans Frontières intervene is regarding safety consciousness and training, and prevention and preparation for risk management. In fact, Pompiers Sans Frontières has a strong reputation in this domain and is present in more than 32 countries.

The Petzl Foundation takes the role of working to reduce the inconsistencies in safety for professionals. The objective of this collaboration is to transfer the tools needed to optimize and adapt safety and rescue measures in perilous environments to the General Volunteer Firefighter Force of Peru.

Peru is notably one of the countries in the world that is most exposed to natural disasters, combined with a great social vulnerability typical of many developing countries.

To arrive at this project, the Pompiers Sans Frontières and the Petzl Foundation have collaborated with the General Volunteer Firefighter Force of Peru on a plan structured around three major strategies:

  • Setting up a training plan,
    supported by the Pompiers Sans Frontières, which has been involved in development missions in Peru for over 15 years.
    This plan aims to develop the rescue capabilities and the rescue training of instructors across Peru.
  • Producing a technical manual,
    based on the knowledge of the Petzl Foundation and the Pompiers Sans Frontières and their experience in this domain.
    A practical document to accompany professionals in the vertical world, this training manual, which was designed to respond to the specific needs of Peruvians, will be used as a supplement to creating awareness for safety practices.
  • Building a training structure,
    designed with the Petzl Foundation's expertise.

This tower will allow the Peruvian firefighters to practice the techniques adapted to the perilous conditions they would regularly have to intervene in.

Firefighter training in Lima, Peru © Pompiers Sans Frontières
Firefighter training in Lima, Peru.

This project began in 2007 and will end in 2012. Thanks to the complementary input of the two organizations involved, the training plan is already in place in many Peruvian cities, including Lima.

Jean-Jacques Eleouet, Secretary-General of the Petzl Foundation, underscores the efficiency of this collaboration: "Thanks to the different characteristics and skills of each of the organizations in this diversified team, we will end up with a remarkable result."

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