Salt Lake City, a climbing wall for those in recovery

Fit to Recover, Salt Lake City’s only Sober gym and community center celebrated its first birthday in January 2016, with the unveiling of its new climbing wall, supported by the Petzl Foundation. This bouldering wall is now open to all friends and members of the Salt Lake valley drug and alcohol recovery community.


le centre communautaire « Fit to Recover » a inauguré son nouveau mur d'escalade ©Francisca Blanc

Fit to Recover is a non-profit gym and community center created in response to the state and national drug and alcohol addiction epidemic. Its original approach to maintaining long-term recovery is building a community that focuses on fitness, creative expression, nutrition, community service and support of each other’s successes. Launched as a nonprofit organization in January 2015, Fit to Recover now has more than 100 members.

The bouldering wall, fitted with routes from beginner to expert difficulty, was made possible by a grant from the Petzl Foundation. “We are pleased to bring together resources within the climbing community to benefit Fit to Recover’s unique mission,” said Roody Rasmussen, the Petzl Foundation’s project director for the Americas. “We are very inspired by the people and purpose of Fit to Recover. The struggles of addiction are very real, and we want to help them support as many people as possible to use the passion, skills and accomplishment that climbing offers.” The grant from the Petzl Foundation was the catalyst that brought other members of the Salt Lake City climbing community together to support this effort.Momentum climbing gym provided the design for the wall, as well as bringing together volunteers to help with the construction.

Fit to Recover (FTR) est un centre communautaire sportif à but non lucratif©Francisca Blanc

Fit to Recover is a non-profit gym and community center

The bouldering wall is a critical resource to help Fit to Recover members recovering from drug and alcohol misuse achieve a sense of accomplishment, improved self-esteem, and to experience a positive physical fitness activity within the supportive community of climbers. This winter, the indoor bouldering wall has helped train community members, many of whom are brand new to climbing, in safe, confidence-building preparation to tackle the Utah granite when the weather warms.

“Our community relies on its members for mutual support and creative ways to help us each maintain our personal journeys of recovery from drugs and alcohol,” said Ian Acker, Fit to Recover founder and director. “Marci Warner, a passionate climber who herself has been in recovery for three years, had the dream of bringing climbing to our community and spearheaded this project. What a fabulous lesson in teamwork, community involvement, and hard work to make the dream a reality.”

Marci Warner’s goal is now to become a nurse. Her dogged determination is still strong to share climbing with other recovering addicts: "The sport of climbing is very freeing", she said. “I want other people to feel what I feel when I’m on the side of a mountain.”

Fit to Recover (FTR) est un centre communautaire sportif à but non lucratif©Francisca Blanc

The bouldering wall construction

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