Haitians discover caving

Southern Haiti is a very mountainous region, formed by two karst massifs located in national parks. Pic Macaya National Park is riddled with countless chasms and a number of canyons: paradise for outdoor sports, notably caving.

APRIL 2018


The Haitian government has made the development of outdoor activities a priority in this region, with a medium-term social and economic objective. In 2016, the Ministry of Tourism asked the Hommes des Cavernes association to train Haitians in caving techniques. An initiation course was organised in April 2017, with instructors from the French caving federation, in the Port-à-Piment area.

The goal of the course was to introduce locals to the underground environment and inspire future vocations. After the course, ten trainees were able to circulate safely, using the fixed ropes. Satisfied with the success of this first course, the Ministry of Tourism wanted to organise a second session in 2018, to develop a group of completely independent young cavers.

Uploaded in April 2018


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