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Visuel du rapoort d'activités 2018 FRANCE - ACTIVTIES REPORT 2018 - 06.2019

Find all the projects supported by the Petzl Foundation for the year 2018

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Vignette du projet Impact des somnifères sur les alpinistes FRANCE - THE EFFECTS OF SLEEP MEDICATION ON MOUNTAINEERS - 06.2019

A team of researchers from HP2 laboratory, Grenoble Alpes University has studied the impact of sleep medication on the vigilance and motor agility of mountaineers when awoken (...)

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Vignette du projet Conférence sur l’avenir des hautes montagnes du mondeFRANCE - The 4th SUSTAINABLE SUMMITS CONFERENCE - 06.2018

This conference is, first and foremost, an opportunity to get together, a desire to work together for our high mountains, one of the last areas on the planet where human presence is merely transient (...)

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Vignette du projet dans les profondeurs du volcan Masaya NICARAGUA - IN THE DEPTHS OF THE MASAYA VOLCANO - 06.2018

In 2015, an active lava lake opened at Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua, providing scientists a rare opportunity to study volcanoes and their impact on our lives by examining the volcano’s gas (...)

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Vignette du projet Accidentologie dans le couloir du Goûter FRANCE - ACCIDENTOLOGY IN THE COULOIR DU GOÛTER - 06.2018

From 1990 to 2017, French mountain police force registers show 347 rescue operations in the Goûter couloir, on the normal route on Mont Blanc, which resulted in 102 deaths (...)

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Vignette du projet Réfugiés du liban : retrouver l’espoir en Grimpant LEBANON - REFUGEES FROM LEBANON: FINDING HOPE IN CLIMBING - 05.2018

The non-profit organization ClimbAid aims to foster the physical and psycho-social development of refugee children and teenagers through climbing. In 2017, over a three-month period, they (...)

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Vignette du projet Au chevet des grands séquoïas de Californie UNITED STATES - HOW CALIFORNIA’S GIANT SEQUOIA RESPONDS TO DRAUGHT - 04.2018

California recently experienced an unprecedented 5-year drought (2012-2016) that led to declining growth rates and increasing mortality levels in many trees and forests (...)

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Vignette du projet découverte de la spéléo par les haïtiens HAITI - HAITIANS DISCOVER CAVING - 04.2018

Southern Haiti is a very mountainous region, formed by two karst massifs located in national parks. Pic Macaya National Park is riddled with countless chasms and a number of canyons: (...)

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Vignette du projet Silence ! FRANCE - SILENCE! - 03.2018

Europe’s mountains are easily accessible and have a highly developed infrastructure compared to mountain ranges elsewhere in the world. In these densely populated and highly frequented (...)

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Vignette du projet grand nettoyage au Yosemite UNITED STATES - YOSEMITE ENJOYS A MAJOR CLEAN-UP - 02.2018

In 2017, they collected more than three tonnes of litter from the trails and the zones around the cliffs. Clean-up operations have also taken place on the famous big wall of El Capitan (...)

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Vignette du projet appel à projets salariés FRANCE - CALL FOR PROJECTS BY PETZL EMPLOYEES - 01.2018

In 2017, the Petzl Foundation proposed to the company’s employees to support their projects related to mountain or vertical world. For this first call (...)

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Vignette du projet Un outil de prévention du danger d’avalanche pour les gardiens de refuge FRANCE - AN AVALANCHE RISK PREVENTION TOOL FOR MOUNTAIN REFUGE WARDENS - 01.2018

Maps indicating which slopes have a gradient of more than 30° were handed out to refuge wardens at their Annual General Meeting (...)

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Vignette du projet À Mieux connaître les blessures chez les cordistes FRANCE - UNDERSTANDING ROPE ACCESS INJURIES - 07.2017

The Petzl Foundation is funding a multidisciplinary research team (University of Lyon 1, France), who asked 500 rope access workers in the Rhône-Alpes region to complete a questionnaire (...)"

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