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Petzl RocTrip 2011: Gêtu valley, China

"Under the great arch"


250 routes in the heart of China

During a reconnaissance trip, Olivier Balma, a guide and instructor at CMDI, accompanies Erwan Le Lann into the Getu Valley, in the heart of Guizhou Province. They discover a practically untouched site with a unique giant arch filled with limestone tufas. The project takes shape with the agreement of the government and the Chinese Mountaineering Association. It takes a group of climbers two trips to put up 250 new routes of all levels. During the Petzl RocTrip, hundreds of Chinese and visiting climbers get together to climb these routes. The highlight of the event is when the Spaniard Dani Andrada sends his project, Corazon de Ensueno. In front of a big crowd, he frees the extremely difficult eight pitches, all tied in with his partner, Chris Sharma. Since then, the Getu Valley has become a prime climbing destination, thanks to the magnificent routes and to the warm and authentic hospitality of the valley's inhabitants.