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Petzl RocTrip 2009 : Millau (Jonte), France

"Infinity Lane" on stone cathedral


80m long Ultimate Routes!

This year the band moves a little north of Millau, into the Gorges de la Jonte. This region of historic cliffs and the numerous multi-pitch routes offers great possibilities for high-end sport climbing. So new kinds of ultimate routes are put up on the face of la Cathédrale: 90 m in one go… They are therefore renamed "Infinity Lanes". While the pros test their endurance on this immense face, amateurs also get their fill from a multitude of new sport routes put up for this event. One of the classic multi-pitch routes on la Jonte, L'arête Ouest, can be climbed in one "infinity pitch" of 5.10c/6b, thanks to a clever system of belayers spread throughout the route. Chris Sharma is the only one to redpoint the men's "flash" route. Florence Pinet and Martina Cufar do their "flash" routes, as do Nina Caprez and Chloé Minoret, on the first try. A slack line connects the Vase de Sèvres to the plateau. Andy Lewis crosses it with disturbing ease.