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Petzl RocTrip 2004 : Cantobre, France

"Code name: brocante"


Discovery of a secret spot

The 2004 edition takes place in Cantobre, in the Gorges de la Dourbie. In a hidden meander, at the junction of the Trèvezel and Dourbie Rivers, rises a magnificent, orange and gray striped limestone cliff. Its "double-wave" overhang and the multitude of edgy pockets had been attracting local climbers for more than 15 years. Close to sixty lines had already been equipped, but for access and ownership reasons the site had been kept secret. The code name of Brocante (anagram of Cantobre) was used by those in the know, allowing them to talk about it without revealing the exact location. This particular year, the situation is resolved, and the site finally becomes regulated. For the Petzl RocTrip, all existing routes are retro-bolted and new routes flourish...
This magical site allows everyone to participate in different challenges:
  • amateur event
  • ultimate routes for the pros
  • ultimate routes for the aspirants
  • new this year: the Flash Contest
The Flash Contest pushes climbers to try the most routes possible, with only one attempt (no working the route), in order to give everyone maximum access to different routes. We are honored to have Lynn Hill as the event sponsor, and at 43, she ticks the ultimate women's route! Dave Graham wins the Pro Flash Contest, the only one to redpoint an 8b+.

The ultimate men's route is not redpointed. Enzo Oddo will be the one to redpoint this route... seven years later! Salida Del Sol, put up by Antonin Cherbonnier, was not redpointed back then. Now there is a solid 9a in the Gorges de la Dourbie!






Looking for more

  • Topo map: The Cantobre site is now detailed in the Gorges de la Dourbie topo, edited by CAF Causse Cévennes.