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Petzl RocTrip 2003 : Millau, France

"Ultimate resistance"


The Ultimate Routes outdo the best climbers

The Petzl RocTrip returns to the gorges de la Dourbie. Boffi again holds enormous potential for new routes with which to welcome the many participants. More than 100 new routes are put up in completely new sectors, along with of course the creation of two new ultimate routes. A little ahead of their time, these routes resist the attempts of Liv Sansoz, Berta Martin, Leire Aguirre, Juliette Danion, Dave Graham, Pedro Pons, Dani Andrada, Tony Lamiche, Daniel Dulac, Jérôme Meyer, Gérome Pouvreau, Loic Lo Piccolo....
Not to worry; they all have a great time on the many new routes on the site, and that evening everyone gets together to share their experiences in a festive village, specially set up around an old Caussenarde farm.