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Petzl RocTrip 2002: Millau, France

"In the beginning, original Petzl RocTrip"


An innovative event concept

Having organized several bouldering competitions at Millau (Aveyron), Mickaël Pradayrol proposes that Petzl join with the Club Alpin Français to create a new type of event. The concept would be to gather youth, amateurs and pros at the base of a crag to share a climbing experience. There would of course be challenges created for everyone, but without any competitor number or isolation room. All participants would be invited to climb together in a friendly environment to share their passion for climbing.

For the first launch, the Boffi crag (Gorges de la Dourbie) gets a complete face-lift on its established routes, directed by Laurent Triay, Géraud Fanguin, Nicolas Janel and the CAF team. No fewer than 55 routes are put up, including the first ultimate route.
The idea of the ultimate route is to put up an extreme, entirely natural route (no chipped holds) specifically for the Petzl RocTrip. Climbers aim to redpoint it within only those few days.

On Saturday, the route goes to Yann Ghesquier. The next day, Chris Sharma (21 at the time) and Daniel Dulac also tick it. That same evening, the first images of these redpoints are projected for the participants to view.