Pulleys are used to haul up equipment or raise a person in a rescue situation. Some of them can be combined with a rope clamp to facilitate maneuvers, others allow movement along rope or cable.


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Progress capture pulleys

Pulleys with an integrated progress capture system may be used to replace a traditional pulley/rope clamp set-up in hauling systems.


Pulley-carabiners with excellent efficiency.

High-efficiency pulleys

Versatile, high-performance pulleys adapted for intensive use.

Prusik pulleys

High-performance pulleys designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch to build a light progress capture system. The shape of the side plates allows the knot to be released when it comes against the pulley.

Single pulleys

Lightweight, versatile pulleys designed for situations that do not require a high level of efficiency (redirecting the rope...).

Transport pulleys

Pulleys for movement along a rope or cable. Extremely quick and easy to install, these pulleys have fixed side plates and ensure perfect stability with their two aligned sheaves.

Kit for evacuation and hauling

Ready-to-use kit, designed to easily pick off and lower - or simply pick off - a victim.

Specialized pulleys

Pulleys for specific uses, such as movement along a rope with passage of knots or along a cable.

New items