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Petzl Solutions :
knowing, understanding, sharing

Petzl Solutions © Kalice

Petzl Solutions develops and deploys Petzl’s extensive expertise in the fields of training, experimentation and design of technical solutions, on an international scale. The department works to train people involved in verticality in the advising on, use and management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Petzl Solutions also provides a space for discussion on usage techniques for our products. Our know-how allows us to provide technical responses to specific problems.
Our clients include the Petzl sales force, retailers, training centers, rescue and special response teams, and inter-professional groups.

Petzl Solutions' expertise

Petzl Solutions’ expertise draws upon the following:

  • in-depth knowledge of Petzl products and how to use them,
  • Petzl technical know-how,
  • extensive proficiency in risk analysis,
  • availability of unique testing methods,
  • a set of training modules,
  • true training skills and a passion for sharing lessons based on field experience

A network in your countries

Petzl Solutions know-how is disseminated in each country by a Petzl Technical Institute associated with our subsidiaries and distributors.

To learn more about the Petzl Technical Institute network

Training modules devoted to expertise

Petzl Solutions has developed training modules. Each of the modules deals with a specific problem. They are based on experimentation in concrete situations and provide:

  • product knowledge and skills development,
  • greater understanding of regulations and certifications,
  • ways to adapt behavior and equipment usage to the specifics of certain vertical environments.

Examples of modules: periodic inspection of fall arrest PPE, LEZARD helivac lanyard, and emergency self-evacuation using the EXO evacuation system.

To learn more about available Petzl training modules