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A network to diffuse and share knowledge

A longside the distribution network, Petzl has developed a parallel network, Petzl Solutions, with a desire to diffuse and to share complementary information and educational modules.

Petzl solutions - un réseau mondial © kalice

Connected directly to these communities of professionals and amateurs, the network has a vocation to respond to any question, problem, need or difficulty with a reply as efficiently and from a source as close to the user, as possible, making relevant information easily accessible across the globe.

The Petzl Solutions department manages the diffusion of modules on an international scale. This network has the ambition to become a forum of exchange within a worldwide community of those involved in vertical activities. It is enlivened by a spirit of exchange – a permanent flow in both directions of theoretical and practical questions, answers and experimentation, in order to bring together product expertise and knowledge of the environment.

At the heart of this network are the Petzl Technical Partners – existing training providers – who integrate the Petzl Solution modules into their own range. They play an essential role in the diffusion and exchange of knowledge.

Petzl Solutions

Petzl, in partnership with our international network, creates, experiments with, and validates the content of each Petzl Solution module. These modules are then transmitted to Petzl Technical Institutes.

The Petzl Solutions Department in France

Petzl Technical Institute

A Petzl Technical Institute is a provider of Petzl Solution module content audited and certified by Petzl but also an information collector, participating in the development of modules.
They are responsible for the distribution of Petzl Solution modules and the associated support in their regions, as well as the development, facilitation and audit of their regional network of Petzl Technical Partners.
There is a Petzl Technical Institute in each of the major geographic zones (USA, UK, Sweden, Australia, France,...).

To find the PTI in your country

Petzl Technical Partner

A Petzl Technical Partner is firstly an existing training provider, audited and certified by a Petzl Technical Institute. As a member of the Petzl Solution network, they are authorised and able to integrate Petzl Solution modules into their existing portfolios, increasing their offer of specific and high quality training and information to their students.

You can also join this network and become a Petzl Technical Partner