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Petzl training modules

The training modules are tailored to situations related to product and PPE use for work and sporting activities at height. They each tackle a specific technical subject by combining a practical approach (including field training content) with theoretical training. They are available at Petzl Technical Institutes.

Petzl Solutions - module expertise solutions

Two types of modules are available:

  • modules for retailers based on the comprehension of, and advising on, systems,
  • user/trainer modules based on the use of products/systems.

See our training module content

Mobile fall arrester
On rope mobile fall arresterDownload the pdf file - 50 Ko

Tree care basics
Tree care basicsDownload the pdf file - 50 Ko

Sport helmets
Sport helmetsDownload the pdf file - 49 Ko

EXO trainer
EXO trainerDownload the pdf file - 119 Ko

EXO tactical
EXO tacticalDownload the pdf file - 55 Ko

EXO AP user
EXO AP userDownload the pdf file - 122 Ko

Sport headlamps
Sport headlampsDownload the pdf file - 40 Ko

LEZARD trainer
LEZARD trainerDownload the pdf file - 257 Ko

LEZARD userDownload the pdf file - 256 Ko

Adventure park
Adventure parkDownload the pdf file - 37 Ko

RAD SYSTEMDownload the pdf file - 83 Ko

Retailer sport climbing
Retailer sport climbing 1Download the pdf file - 138 Ko
Retailer sport climbing 2Download the pdf file - 136 Ko

Pro retailer
Pro retailer 1Download the pdf file - 104 Ko
Pro retailer 2Download the pdf file - 46 Ko
Pro retailer 3Download the pdf file - 96 Ko

RIG & IDDownload the pdf file - 29 Ko

Work at height
Work at height 1Download the pdf file - 68 Ko
Work at height 2Download the pdf file - 130 Ko
Work at height 3Download the pdf file - 991 Ko

PPE inspection
PPE inspection trainerDownload the pdf file - 144 Ko
PPE inspection userDownload the pdf file - 151 Ko
PPE renewalDownload the pdf file - 144 Ko

ZIGZAGDownload the pdf file - 435 Ko