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Our expertise

At Petzl, offering solutions to users starts with a conversation, to better understand their needs and to provide the things they may need across different phases of a project: technical advice, training, tools, equipment. And, through innovation, allowing them to imagine other projects.



The Petzl research department in Crolles, France, integrates all the fields related to product design: mechanical, textile, electronic, optic, and computing. Starting at the design and prototype phases, the reliability of the product and user safety are continually evaluated with a strong focus on risks to the user.



In Crolles, Petzl has labs dedicated to testing verticality products and headlamps. These tests often go above and beyond the required standards to help validate product reliability and user safety: dynamic fall tests, impact resistance, cyclic testing, performance, headlamp beam quality and burn times. They are complemented by testing in the field, controlled or not, on ergonomics and reliability.


Production and inspection

Petzl's production sites are based in Crolles, Eybens, and Rotherens, France, and in Rawang, Malaysia. This production infrastructure is complemented by long-term partnerships with key suppliers in Europe and Asia. Our purchasing and quality control teams work closely with suppliers to guarantee a standard of product reliability and quality that meets our requirements. During the manufacturing phase, quality control is present at every step of the production chain: auto-inspection of operations by machines, human inspection at key points, further reinforced by error-proof systems and final individual inspection of each product.



Petzl distributes products to more than fifty countries via a distribution network and subsidiaries in the US, Germany, Spain, and Italy.


Want to know more?


Download the From the Deep: the Petzl Adventure book by Sophie Cuenot and Hervé Bodeau
Digital format (PDF) 59 Mo - French and English versions