To read for self-belaying - Petzl USA

To read for self-belaying


  • Read the technical notice before viewing the following techniques.
  • It is important to fully understand the information provided in the technical notice before using this complementary information
  • Mastering these techniques requires training.
  • Consult a professional before attempting to perform these techniques on your own.



Warning symbols




- Solo climbing is not recommended: climbing with a partner remains the best solution

- Climbing is inherently dangerous; you are responsible for your actions and decisions

- Self-belayed solo climbing must only be undertaken by experts

- This document deals with climbing with a fixed belay rope, without loading the rope (except to rest). Ascending on the rope (caving, big wall, crevasse rescue, mountaineering, etc.) is not addressed here.

- If an accident results in unconsciousness (fall, rockfall), rescue will be difficult. Wearing a helmet is strongly advised. DO NOT CLIMB without one. Do not climb solo without informing a person of your destination and when you will return.

- No solution is universal; you must be able to adapt our proposed technical solutions to your chosen terrain

- A good understanding of the solutions proposed in this supplementary information requires that you have consulted, understood and assimilated the Instructions for Use for all devices concerned

- The proposed systems are complex; any modification can stop them from functioning properly

- Only the techniques shown in the diagrams that are not crossed out and/or do not display a skull and crossbones symbol are authorized

Failure to heed any of these warnings may result in severe injury or death.