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Becoming a multi-pitch climber

Multi-pitch climbing allows climbers to leave the ground far behind and experience adventures that are longer and more committing than single pitch climbing. Climbs with several pitches require self-sufficiency and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations based on the gear, the route, and the options available when descending. Use the information below to help realize your dreams of climbing higher.

March 6 2018

Multi-pitch climbing


Gain the knowledge

The additional gear, techniques, and systems used while multi-pitch climbing can be daunting and confusing. By putting in the time to “learn the ropes” of climbing longer routes, you’ll be more likely to reduce the risks involved and actually enjoy the experience. There are a lot of resources that can help you, including a few examples listed below:

Petzl tech tips


Attend clinics at festivals


Hire a guide



Pack the gear

There is a lot of gear involved with multi-pitch climbing. Whether you're heading up a three-pitch sport route or spending a few nights on a big wall, choosing the right gear for a specific route will not only pave the way to a successful climb but also serve to manage the descent or any potential difficulties encountered. Choose your gear based on the type of route you are doing and how long you plan to be on the wall. Here are a few ideas as to what to pack for the long haul:




Get stoked

Why would anyone want to climb multiple rope lengths up a rock face or mountain? Because it’s fun. Enjoy a few of the articles you can find in the news section of and get excited for your next (or first) multi-pitch adventure.


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