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How do I check for OS by Petzl software updates?

To check for OS by Petzl software updates, click on the "Update" menu and choose "Verify the OS by Petzl updates", a window appears showing the version of OS by Petzl installed on your computer (example: version 2.5.983). Then click on the "Check for updates" link, OS by Petzl will launch your internet browser and connect you to the OS by Petzl web page.

The latest version of OS by Petzl is always available on the Petzl web site. If your version of OS by Petzl is older than the version available on the Petzl site, you can download and update your OS by Petzl software. The OS update also updates the product’s firmware (product improvement, new functionality, etc.).

Updating your product can be done via the "Update/Update" menu in OS by Petzl.

Note: verifying and downloading requires an internet connection.

Starting with version 2.8.30, you will be automatically prompted for updates when a new version is available on the web server. A product firmware update prompt may appear after the OS by Petzl update.
We recommend that you accept this installation.

For other questions on OS by Petzl software, please click on the following link:
Please include the following information in your message:

  • Version of the OS by Petzl software.
  • Operating system used (ex: Windows 7 64 bits, or Mac OS X 10.6.6).
  • Connected lamp (ex: TIKKA 2, or ZIKPA PLUS 2).

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