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FAQ for workers weighing over 100 kg


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  • I weigh less than 100 kg; am I affected by the issues addressed in the "Solutions for workers over 100 kg" tool?


If you work with equipment on your harness, or in your bag, your total weight can exceed 100 kg (example: a 90 kg worker + AVAO + RIG + carabiners + drill + hardware bag and miscellaneous equipment = 110 kg).

If you are the manager for a team with at least one worker weighing over 100 kg with his equipment.

  • My I’D is marked EN 12841: 100 kg. And yet the "I'D and RIG" page indicates that the I'D is certified and tested for 150 kg?

In 2009, the certification for the I'D was expanded to address customer requests. Only the certified value and the marking have changed.

Petzl guarantees usage with loads up to 150 kg for every I'D certified to EN 12841, regardless of the marking.

  • Progress capture pulleys like the PRO TRAXION do not appear in the online tool; are they not affected?

The working loads for progress capture pulleys, indicated in their Instructions for Use, can support the weight difference between 100 kg or 140 kg workers, when suspended statically. While respecting the recommendations of the Instructions for Use, progress capture pulleys can be used in the same way for 100 kg or 140 kg users.

Warning: progress capture pulleys are not designed to support dynamic loading, which can damage the ropes, regardless of the weight of the user.

  • Dœs the Petzl certificate, which allows a 140 kg worker to use his equipment, constitute certification?

On solutions presented for workers over 100 kg, Petzl is committed to compliance with the health and safety requirements of the CE 89/686/EC European Directive, but this commitment dœs not constitute certification.

Compliance has not been certified by a notified body.

Product usage outside the scope of certification is the worker's responsibility, but the Petzl certificate can help in making the decision.

  • The ASAP is always shown with an energy absorber (ASAP’SORBER or ABSORBICA). Yet the Instructions for Use authorize ASAP usage when connected directly to the harness?

The ASAP must not be used without an energy absorber by a user of over 100 kg.

  • What problems are associated with the rescue of 140 kg workers?

Depending on the condition of the victim, two types of evacuation are possible:

- Unaccompanied victim evacuation: no problem caused by loads over 140 kg, since the victim is "alone" on his rope

- Victim evacuation when accompanied by a rescuer: the weight of the rescuer is added to that of the victim on a single system: 100 + 140 kg = 240 kg, a considerable load which requires an appropriate rescue strategy

Workers over 100 kg and their team leaders must anticipate possible rescue strategies to avoid having to do an accompanied descent:

- having a sufficient number of team members present to do a rapid operation from the anchor

- keeping workers over 100 kg on a rope equipped with a pre-installed rescue system, facilitating a rapid rescue without accompaniment

- any other appropriate arrangement

Note: if two 140 kg workers are in an accompanied descent situation, their combined weight is 280 kg. Petzl has not covered this extreme case: the solutions presented are not valid beyond 250 kg.

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