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Structures, participants and route-setters

Climbing gyms are no longer simply training facilities that prepare the climber for the outdoor season. They are attracting a broader market that includes dedicated climbers, families and simply people looking for a break and some social time. This is why Petzl is constantly inventing new solutions designed for participants and managers that will make this activity accessible to all. Learn about our products in this first brochure devoted to climbing gyms.

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Specialized and innovative products:

Easytop wall


Ergonomic and durable top anchor system, for natural clipping



Entirely adjustable and comfortable, one-size-fits-all harness with gear loops

Astro<sup>®</sup> bod fast


Ultra-comfortable harness with gated ventral attachment point for route setting

Grigri<sup>®</sup> +


Belay device with assisted braking and anti-panic handle, for a broad range of single rope diameters (8.5 to 11 mm)

©PETZL/Léo Dequivre


At Petzl, innovation is at the heart of our product design, offering ever greater performance, comfort and durability. These advances always result from a dialog with the user, in order to understand his/her expectations and to provide the elements s/he needs.

Textile Research and Development office during creation of the adjustable one-size-fits-all ASPIR harness.

©PETZL/Marc Daviet


With the rise in popularity of climbing gyms, the products, whether for groups or individual use, are used more and more and need to be extremely durable. Petzl has labs dedicated to testing products. These tests often go above and beyond the required standards to help validate product reliability and user safety.

Cyclic testing on the EASYTOP WALL anchor system.

©PETZL/Marc Daviet

Ergonomics and design

Petzl invents ergonomic, intuitive and practical products to facilitate the routine of users and help them move efficiently. Starting at the design and prototype phases, the reliability of the product and user safety are continually evaluated, with a strong focus on risks to the user.

Route-setting with the ASTRO® BOD FAST harness.

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