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What are those white marks on the shell of my helmet?

Today, most shells are made out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).
Under strain this material may whiten, leaving permanent marks on the shell.
These white marks, when located on the sides of the shell, do not affect the strength of the helmet and are not necessarily a cause for product retirement.

Only the user can know the full product history of his or her helmet and decide whether or not to retire it.
We can easily distinguish two types of marks:

Ok to useDo not use

1. Small white marks such as those caused by mounting hearing/eye protection..., and which do not require disposal of the helmet.

2. Abnormal force applied to the shell, resulting in permanent deformation and requiring disposal of the helmet.


OK if no permanent deformation

NOT OK if result of an impact or if history is unknown

Marks such as this example, with no permanent deformation, can be monitored. But, if the mark is the result of a fall or other impact, or if the history is unknown, then the helmet shall be removed from service.

To avoid these white marks, remember the precautions included in the Instructions for Use:

  • Do not compress the helmet during transport or storage.
  • Do not sit on the helmet.
  • Do not subject the helmet to abnormal force when mounting and removing accessories.


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