Tree trimming: moving on branches - Petzl Netherlands

Tree trimming: moving on branches


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The RIG, combined with a rope clamp and pulley, allows movement on the large branches.

In tree trimming, moving about in the tree can be done on a single rope. The RIG can be used in this situation, with a positioning lanyard being essential for positioning at the work station.

Follow the Instructions for Use for all of your equipment.

Horizontal movement on a branch:

A rope clamp is installed on the rope above the RIG.

The brake side of the rope runs through a pulley on the rope clamp (PARTNER/MOBILE).

The carabiner, clipped to the side attachment point of the harness, helps prevent losing the free end of the rope; which is pulled when returning to the trunk.

To move away from the trunk, the RIG is used as in a descent: the user walks on the branch and uses the handle to let the rope slide through, the other hand stays on the brake side of the rope.

Remember: under French regulations, the angle between the trunk and the progression rope must remain less than 45°. To move further away, a second rope must be installed.

To move back towards the trunk, pull on the free end of the rope, the slack rope will be taken up by the RIG as you progress.