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GRIGRI 2 / GRIGRI + rope compatibility


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The GRIGRI are compatible with single dynamic ropes (CE EN 892). Only the approved rope diameters differ. Warning: even if you use a rope in the approved diameter range, you must be vigilant concerning the performance of the GRIGRI with this rope.

The compatibility between the GRIGRI and the rope used is dependent on more than just the rope's diameter. The rope's texture, sheath treatments on new ropes, moisture, the state of wear, and ice play an important role in the performance of your GRIGRI, in belaying, and also in descending.

Whenever you need to use a rope other than your usual rope, be careful and become familiar with how to belay, or descend, with this rope.

GRIGRI 2 / GRIGRI rope compatibility
GRIGRI 2 / GRIGRI rope compatibility